About Us

Who we are 

Yukon Posture Institute is delighted to be a health and wellness service-based business in Yukon that wishes to improve the safety and well-being of all Yukonner’s.

Whether you want to improve your posture, relieve tension with a great massage, or have our specialist assess your workplace ergonomic environment, we got you covered.

Whom we service

Yukon Posture Institute provides Yukonner’s with professional massage therapy services that focus on posture correction through manual therapy, corrective exercise plans, and 

Digital posture analysis. 

YPI also offers ergonomic assessments to local businesses, governments and corporations

Our location 

Downtown Whitehorse, Yukon, at Pine Medical Building between Main Street and Fifth Avenue.

#7 - 5110 5th avenue Whitehorse Y1A 1L4  

Our services

Massage therapy. 

Digital posture analysis. 

Posture enhancing exercises. 

Office workplace ergonomic assessments 

Our focus

Rehabilitation, Prevention, and Education

Our values

Passion, Integrity, Creativity, Innovation

Our mission

Educate the public on the importance of good posture. 

Improve workplace ergonomic environments for office workers.

Reduce musculoskeletal disorders with injury prevention information. 

Provide high-quality treatments, products, services and education to the public.

Vasco Sequeira, Founder & Owner

Vasco Sequeira, RMT, CPS, CEAS
SCMMAC # 1446-17

For more than a decade, Vasco has helped thousands of people improve their health and wellness through massage therapy treatments, postural correction protocols and injury prevention workshops and lectures. 

Vasco initiated his services in the public sector as a personal trainer in 1999; nine years later, in 2008, he graduated from massage therapy school with honours with a 2200 hours Diploma of clinical course training. Then after managing a successful posture correction and massage therapy clinic in Montreal, Quebec, he decided to move to the Yukon Territory, where he continued is practice.

In 2017 Vasco built his business called the Yukon Posture institute, dedicated to educating the public on how to prevent musculoskeletal injuries, improve their posture and setup properly their workplace ergonomic environment. 

In 2019, he opened the first posture correction clinic ever established in Whitehorse, Yukon. 

Vasco specializes in biomechanics, posture correction and massage therapy; he holds the rare distinction of certified posture specialist and certified ergonomic assessment specialist.

He and his team offers digital posture analysis, postural correction exercise programs and professional massage therapy treatments in Whitehorse and conducts on-site office ergonomic assessments for local businesses, governments and corporations. 

Vasco, along with the Yukon Posture Institute, wishes to serve Yukon citizens further.

Let’s keep encouraging Vasco on his journey to serve our communities up North. 

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Vasco Sequeira, RMT, CPS, CEAS

SCMMAC # 1446-17